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FES Protection Plan
An innovative service offering several ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The FES Protection Plan is a multiproduct program featuring a combination of our top selling products. We are continually researching new services to offer our members as additional benefits.

Positive Credit Builder

You know the importance of your credit score. Those 3 numbers can be a support or a burden, depending on your rating. So where do you rate? Positive Credit Builder pulls your credit report and breaks it down to show you what is affecting your personal score and how you can actively make positive changes. We've also included our resource center and credit education library to answer your questions and provide you with information, tips, financial calculators and prewritten financial documents. Positive Credit Builder was created to guide you and your credit score towards financial freedom.

Credit Restoration

Credit and loan approval, interest rates, the amount of down payment or mortgage type on your home, your premium on your auto and homeowners insurance, your ability to lease or purchase a vehicle, a factor in your ability to get a job…all of your most important financial investments are dependent on your credit score! Unfortunately, nearly 80% of all credit reports contain inaccurate or erroneous accounts. Our Credit Restoration dispute module will continuously challenge obsolete accounts on your credit report, including but not limited to: late payments, charge offs, identity theft, collections, and bankruptcies. Reach for financial stability by working towards a credit score that will positively impact your financial opportunities.


Credit cards, mortgage, car payment, daily expenses, savings…where do you start? Let's face it- between interest rates and fees, it's not always clear in which direction your cash should go to make the greatest financial impact. Let DebtZero do the math. DebtZero creates a personalized budget taking into consideration all of your financial responsibilities, outlining the most effective way to pay your bills. The result? Build up your savings, pay off your liabilities, manage your money and say goodbye to lingering debt.

FES Will & Trust

At every stage of our lives there's a piece of advice that continuously maintains its significance: "Always Be Prepared." When you've spent a lifetime working for all that you have, your next step should be to protect it. FES Will & Trust enables you the power to maintain and direct your property, finances and medical affairs, upon the unexpected. Developed by attorneys, endorsed by credit unions and community banks, we've created a cost efficient way to prepare full legal documents outlining your wishes, which will be signed and notarized by you. No matter where life takes you, preparation is the key to financial security.


Did you know you're 21 times more likely to be a victim of identity theft than having your home burglarized? Identity theft has become one of the top crimes in America, yet most individuals are still taking the financial risk by not protecting themselves. LifeLock patrols the selling of your personal information, reduces junk mail and scans the internet & your credit report for potential problems. LifeLock, the industry leader in proactive identity theft, has a proven solution which will prevent your identity from being stolen and follow it up with a $1 Million Total Service Guarantee.

Financial Lockbox

What if your loved ones suddenly found themselves in the position of taking over your finances without warning? Would they be able to locate insurance, bank and financial records? Would you be able to restore important financial documents if they were lost or destroyed due to a fire, flood, or other unforeseen event? My Financial Lockbox is an online solution that enables you to store financial data in a single, secure, password-protected location for easy access by you or a contact that you select and authorize. Establish a complete listing of your financial records, which will be accessible to you at any time, and forwarded to your appointed contact upon the unexpected.